Our Story

We voyaged back to Canada to start life a fresh after spending over a decade in various parts of the world, but we never anticipated to move during a chaos of a Global Pandemic.

Life took us through a venturesome adventure as We faced a couple of challenges while hunting for sleek pieces of furniture for our home. Moving into a brand new Townhouse, without a single piece of furniture during a lockdown was the most strenuous part. A home is not a place, it's a feeling, it should tell the story of who you are and be a collection of what you love. We were not left with a range of options that matched our taste and life-style, these reasons made us turn to our hobby, "Woodworking", We converted our garage into a workshop to Design and Build our own custom furniture.

We mapped out a couple of projects that we found interesting and We gently started building them. Watching the projects come to life, gave us immense courage to sharpen our skills. This sparked a brilliant idea.

It was the summer of 2020, We took in Mini projects to begin with and started our journey as, "The Woodscaper" and opened up Pages on Instagram and Facebook. We started with a couple of Honeycomb Shelves and that became a rage. We received positive feedback from the customers.

Since it was summer and the season of BBQ, We designed a Balcony Bar Top, Which also became a huge hit, after countless Balcony Bar Top Projects, The list of products were beginning to rise.

Our passion for woodworking kept growing and we began to explore the diverse parts of design styles. We got our selves hooked with the characteristics of Scandinavian and Mid-Century Modern Vogue.

We dived in deeply into learning the Characteristics of Scandinavian and Mid-Century styles and We spent days and nights, finding inspiration, designing unique furniture pieces, finding the right equipment, We chose Plywood as a main base for all our projects and all the other sources.

We ought to have a clean slate and We worked out a whole new look, revamped and Relaunched as Plywood Eh!

Plywood Eh! is solely our brainchild.


Who we are

We are Fiaz and Daniel, We come from Telecom and Finance background respectfully.


What we do

We are two individuals who are hard working and passionate. We are committed to create some of the finest pieces of hand crafted furniture according to your preferences and They stand Unique on their own.

We believe in giving back to the community and supporting local.